I might as well post the the rest of the ninja I failed to post the cg screenshots for.

Saizo is a foul mouthed cold jerk and yet I adored him cause he’s so tsun to an extent.


Kuso finally made me melt.

Clockwork Angel Manga -> Will x Tessa Scenes


~`This need to be brought back since I can’t find when it was posted XD

I just died laughing and I thought the real thing was crazy….


A cute little Blood/Alice oneshot by Job! I absolutely love her stories, omg. She turned Clover’s emofag Alice into such a badass! Also the fact that Blood mentioned “becoming hers” pleases me immensely~


Harroe - Raws, QC

Voca- Cleaner, Translator, Typesetter

Mini- translation help and mental support (XD)

New Pics of Twin World